Braxton – Newborn

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do this little baby boy’s newborn shoot! Less than 2 years ago I did his big brothers and it was probably the easiest newborn shoot I’ve ever done. Something about those Keith boys…so chill and easy going. Braxton didn’t disappoint. He was awake more than we thought he would be but I don’t think he even cried once! We love the Keith’s and are so excited for their growing family!

img_5362 img_5392 img_5430 img_5442 img_5470 img_5493 img_5503 img_5525 img_5529 img_5540 img_5555 img_5573 img_5659 img_5680 img_5686 img_5699 img_5720 img_5732 img_5769 img_5828 img_5848 img_5903

Thank you to my friend Valerie for letting us use her beautiful home!

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