Finley – One Year!

My best friend Chelsea just had a daughter turn ONE whole year old. HOW is that even possible? When did we get old enough to have girls turning ONE?! We were just in high school shopping for prom dresses, weren’t we? Even though time seems to be flying by, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ve talked about how becoming moms is even better than we could have ever imagined and watching our little girls grow up together is so worth getting older ๐Ÿ˜‰ Finley is a little firecracker, her daddy’s mini-me, and full of spunk and joy just like her mama. Love this little girl! 2015-08-08_0001 2015-08-08_0002 2015-08-08_0003 2015-08-08_0004 2015-08-08_0005 2015-08-08_0006

This is my favorite picture and I might spend the rest of my life trying to get one of me and Adalynn just like it.

2015-08-08_0007 2015-08-08_0008 2015-08-08_0009 2015-08-08_0010 2015-08-08_0011 2015-08-08_0012 2015-08-08_0013 2015-08-08_0014 2015-08-08_0015 2015-08-08_0016 2015-08-08_0017 2015-08-08_0018 2015-08-08_0019 2015-08-08_0020 2015-08-08_0021 2015-08-08_0022 2015-08-08_0023 2015-08-08_0024 2015-08-08_0025 2015-08-08_0026

We love you Finley girl!

Miss Avery Elizabeth

The week after Christmas is usually reserved for family time. My brothers and their family from Tampa all come up and we do Christmas/birthdays/New Years together. It’s one of my absolute favorite weeks of the year. What’s even greater, is that our family just keeps growing! My niece, Avery, celebrated her 1st birthday in October and so Emily (her momma) asked me to take some “One-Year” pics while we were all together. Of course, I was thrilled to do so! This child is too adorable for words, much more reserved than her spunky sister, and seems to be very observant. But when she gets to laughing, her dimples are sure to make you melt!



Count the dimples, please. Uhhhhh, so precious.












This sweet face…


Those beautiful eyes.



A little blurry, but funny nonetheless. Girl kept getting in trouble for standing in the rocking chair and this time she was caught!


Is there anything better than little pudgy baby feet?


We decided to go outside where it was FREEZING but Avery was a champ. For a little bit. Maybe a few minutes. Well…let’s just say there’s a lot of in between shots that might tell the whole story ๐Ÿ˜‰

2014-01-02_0014 2014-01-02_0015 2014-01-02_0016


Most definitely one of my favorite shots. Avery in true fashion, with her ankles crossed like a lady and giggling with all her might.

2014-01-02_0018 2014-01-02_0019 2014-01-02_0020


2014-01-02_0022 2014-01-02_0023 2014-01-02_0025

Could she be any more beautiful???


2014-01-02_0027 2014-01-02_0029

Another favorite



We tried to get some sister shots with Rilynn but as you can tell, Avery had just about HAD IT at this point. Literally, this is the only picture we got of herย not screaming her head off.


Can’t forget big brother Andrew!

I love these kiddos more than is probably normal, but that’s okay. I soak in every ounce of time I can with them while we are together!