This past Fall/Christmas season was the MOST FUN EVER. You people rock. Seriously. This is just a small snippet of the families who trusted me enough to take their family photos and Christmas card pictures for 2015 and I can’t say enough how HONORED I feel! To think that these photos are going to be treasured, printed, framed, or just stored on their computer for years to come and then found unexpectedly one day down the road and remembered with fondness of how much their kids have grown blesses my socks off.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity and please continue sharing with your friends and family! I would love to create memories for them as well! Happy New Year and here’s to 2016!

Jenna & Matt | Family

Jenna and Matt are some friends of ours from our small group at church. They gave me the opportunity to do my first photo shoot with a puppy! Challenging, but overall pretty cute…and that’s saying something considering I am definitely not considered a dog person 😉

IMG_4861 IMG_4863 IMG_4867 IMG_4873 IMG_4877 IMG_4883 IMG_4889 IMG_4896 IMG_4901 IMG_4918 IMG_4924 IMG_4934 IMG_4942 IMG_4946 IMG_4959 IMG_4964 IMG_4978 IMG_4981 IMG_4999

The Long Family – Expecting Asher

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to do another maternity shoot! I’ve loved getting to take these snapshots of a family before they grow by another precious baby! David and Tye are expecting their second son, Asher, before the end of the month. His big brother Weldon is not too sure about it right now, but I’m sure he will be a fantastic big brother. I’m so excited for you guys!

2015-03-20_0001 2015-03-20_0002 2015-03-20_0003 2015-03-20_0004 2015-03-20_0005 2015-03-20_0006 2015-03-20_0007 2015-03-20_0008 2015-03-20_0009 2015-03-20_0010 2015-03-20_0011 2015-03-20_0012 2015-03-20_0013 2015-03-20_0014 2015-03-20_0015 2015-03-20_0016 2015-03-20_0017 2015-03-20_0018 2015-03-20_0019 2015-03-20_0020 2015-03-20_0021 2015-03-20_0022 2015-03-20_0023 2015-03-20_0024 2015-03-20_0025 2015-03-20_0026 2015-03-20_0027

The Fowler Family

I get so excited every time someone asks me to do a photo shoot for them. It’s encouraging and nerve-wracking all at the same time. But I have so much fun spending time with so many different people and capturing moments that they’ll treasure looking back on. Last weekend was no different. I had the privilege of spending some time with the Fowler family. Matt and I met Brandi and Daniel briefly in our newlywed class a couple of years ago, but they quickly switched classes because of sweet Braxton’s quick arrival, and since then they’ve had another precious baby boy, Brody. Braxton might have the most beautiful blonde locks of hair I’ve ever seen and Brody is without a doubt the most content baby I could have asked for. To top it all off, they’re Alabama fans. It just doesn’t get any better.

2014-06-06_0002 2014-06-06_0003 2014-06-06_0004 2014-06-06_0005 2014-06-06_0006 2014-06-06_0007

Daniel’s parents were in town for a visit and they are the true unsung heroes of the day. What you won’t see is them behind me 90% of the time clapping and making noises to get the boys to look towards the camera and laugh. So we had to make sure we captured some moments with them as well 🙂

2014-06-06_0008 2014-06-06_0009 2014-06-06_0010 2014-06-06_0011 2014-06-06_0012 2014-06-06_0013 2014-06-06_0014 2014-06-06_0015

2014-06-06_0016 2014-06-06_0017 2014-06-06_0018 2014-06-06_0019 2014-06-06_0020 2014-06-06_0021 2014-06-06_0022 2014-06-06_0023 2014-06-06_0024 2014-06-06_0025

Brandi, you are seriously one gorgeous mama. I hope I look that good after having 2 kids!

2014-06-06_0026 2014-06-06_0027 2014-06-06_0028 2014-06-06_0029 2014-06-06_0030

I just don’t know if it gets any cuter than this.

2014-06-06_0031 2014-06-06_0032 2014-06-06_0033 2014-06-06_0034 2014-06-06_0035 2014-06-06_0036 2014-06-06_0037 2014-06-06_0038 2014-06-06_0039 2014-06-06_0040 2014-06-06_0041 2014-06-06_0042

Oh Brody… you’re sweet smile and laugh is just too much to handle!


He seriously looks like a little man-child.

2014-06-06_0044 2014-06-06_0045 2014-06-06_0047 2014-06-06_0048 2014-06-06_0049 2014-06-06_0050 2014-06-06_0051

One of my faves.

2014-06-06_0052 2014-06-06_0053 2014-06-06_0054 2014-06-06_0055

“Braxton, show us your muscles!”

2014-06-06_0056 2014-06-06_0057 2014-06-06_0058

Dancing around in his daddy’s old hat.

2014-06-06_0059 2014-06-06_0061 2014-06-06_0062 2014-06-06_0063 2014-06-06_0064 2014-06-06_0065

It was at this moment that I was poised and ready to take quick shots just in case he tumbled in the fountain. I’m sure Mom wouldn’t have been happy but I’m pretty sure those pictures would have been adorable. Ah, but Braxton kept his balance and we were able to get some good splashing shots instead.

2014-06-06_0066 2014-06-06_0067 2014-06-06_0068    2014-06-06_0070 2014-06-06_0071 2014-06-06_0072 2014-06-06_0073 2014-06-06_0074 2014-06-06_0075

If you haven’t gathered this already, this little boy loves trains. Just like his daddy and his granddad did when they were young.

2014-06-06_0076 2014-06-06_0077 2014-06-06_0078 2014-06-06_0079 2014-06-06_0080 2014-06-06_0081

“Choo! Choo!”

2014-06-06_0082 2014-06-06_0083 2014-06-06_0084 2014-06-06_0085 2014-06-06_0086

And then as fate would have it, as we were wrapping up our shoot, a real train passed through on the nearby tracks. At first we were worried Braxton might get scared by the noise, but he totally embraced it and couldn’t keep his eyes away. Precious.

2014-06-06_0089 2014-06-06_0090 2014-06-06_0091

The conductor even treated us to blowing his whistle as he passed by!


I don’t know who was more excited…Braxton or Daniel…

2014-06-06_0093 2014-06-06_0094 2014-06-06_0095 2014-06-06_0096    2014-06-06_0098 2014-06-06_0099 2014-06-06_0100 2014-06-06_0101 2014-06-06_0102 2014-06-06_0103

2014-06-06_0104 2014-06-06_0105


Then to wrap things up I was able to get a few shots of just Brandi and Daniel. Loved it.

2014-06-06_0106 2014-06-06_0107 2014-06-06_0108 2014-06-06_0109 2014-06-06_0110 2014-06-06_0111 2014-06-06_0112

Thanks again Brandi and Daniel! I loved spending the time with your family and ya’ll couldn’t have more been more fun to work with. Roll Tide! 😉