Braxton – Newborn

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do this little baby boy’s newborn shoot! Less than 2 years ago I did his big brothers and it was probably the easiest newborn shoot I’ve ever done. Something about those Keith boys…so chill and easy going. Braxton didn’t disappoint. He was awake more than we thought he would be but I don’t think he even cried once! We love the Keith’s and are so excited for their growing family!

img_5362 img_5392 img_5430 img_5442 img_5470 img_5493 img_5503 img_5525 img_5529 img_5540 img_5555 img_5573 img_5659 img_5680 img_5686 img_5699 img_5720 img_5732 img_5769 img_5828 img_5848 img_5903

Thank you to my friend Valerie for letting us use her beautiful home!

Kenzie + Tyler : Engaged

I had the awesome privilege of going to Panama City to do an engagement shoot for a sweet girl that I used to teach in Sunday school. Fast forward some years and now I work with her mom in the Juice Plus+ company and our paths re-crossed. I’m so thankful because not only are they the sweetest people in the world who love Jesus with all their hearts, they are a gorgeous couple who I know will use their marriage as a tool for the glory of God to bring point people to Jesus. It’s really a win-win. So without further ado, the lovebirds!

IMG_0584 IMG_0586 IMG_0593 IMG_0609 IMG_0618 IMG_0650 IMG_0653 IMG_0661 IMG_0672 IMG_0676 IMG_0682 IMG_0685 IMG_0708 IMG_0718 IMG_0752 IMG_0770 IMG_0785 IMG_0840 IMG_0854 IMG_0887 IMG_0935 IMG_0954 IMG_0968 IMG_0972 IMG_0993 IMG_0999 IMG_1018 IMG_1028 IMG_1040 IMG_1048 IMG_1076 IMG_1115 IMG_1119

I’m so excited for you guys, Kenzie and Tyler and so proud of how your perspective has been such a God-honoring one! Marriage is SUCH a gift, one that definitely will make you more like Jesus if you continue to surrender to Him! Excited for both of you!

Emmalin Faith – Newborn

As I said in my last post, because of my website being down for 5 months I have some catching up to do. I just wanted to share some of the goodness that has been happening even if it isn’t as quickly as I would normally have it posted. But I just HAD to share these newborn photos. Our friends Brandon and Lindsey are some of our dearest, and we are SO thrilled for the arrival of their sweet baby girl, Emmalin (Emmy). This baby was prayed for and over countless times, and to finally have her here with us is such a sweet blessing! Brandon and Lindsey are some of the best parents, and I know they will raise Emmy to love Jesus and treasure Him above all things. Thanks for letting me document your little love!

IMG_0175 IMG_0184 IMG_0190 IMG_0197 IMG_0215 IMG_0220 IMG_0252 IMG_0264 IMG_0279 IMG_0311 IMG_0322 IMG_0342 IMG_0352 IMG_0362 IMG_0365 IMG_0371 IMG_0374 IMG_0392 IMG_0395 IMG_0417 IMG_0425 IMG_0466 IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0509 IMG_0523 IMG_0538

And of course Brandon is a huge Michigan fan so he had to get this picture to document her first Michigan paraphernalia.  IMG_0568



This past Fall/Christmas season was the MOST FUN EVER. You people rock. Seriously. This is just a small snippet of the families who trusted me enough to take their family photos and Christmas card pictures for 2015 and I can’t say enough how HONORED I feel! To think that these photos are going to be treasured, printed, framed, or just stored on their computer for years to come and then found unexpectedly one day down the road and remembered with fondness of how much their kids have grown blesses my socks off.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity and please continue sharing with your friends and family! I would love to create memories for them as well! Happy New Year and here’s to 2016!

Jenna & Matt | Family

Jenna and Matt are some friends of ours from our small group at church. They gave me the opportunity to do my first photo shoot with a puppy! Challenging, but overall pretty cute…and that’s saying something considering I am definitely not considered a dog person 😉

IMG_4861 IMG_4863 IMG_4867 IMG_4873 IMG_4877 IMG_4883 IMG_4889 IMG_4896 IMG_4901 IMG_4918 IMG_4924 IMG_4934 IMG_4942 IMG_4946 IMG_4959 IMG_4964 IMG_4978 IMG_4981 IMG_4999

Graham – Newborn


Oh my goodness. I seriously think newborn shoots are my favorite. Yes, they take a whole lot more patience and a whole lot more time, but there is absolutely nothing better than a brand new baby to smell and snuggle and snap sweet pictures of. Savannah and Jordan welcomed their son, Graham in July. He was almost 3 weeks old when we did this shoot, but you would have thought he was 6 days old with as cooperative as he was being. And the family shots? Uh, I die. So much love wrapped up in these three. I’m going to stop jabbering so you can see for yourself how precious this little one is!

2015-08-11_0001 2015-08-11_0002 2015-08-11_0003 2015-08-11_0004 2015-08-11_0005 2015-08-11_0006 2015-08-11_0007 2015-08-11_0008 2015-08-11_0009 2015-08-11_0010 2015-08-11_0011 2015-08-11_0012 2015-08-11_0013 2015-08-11_0014 2015-08-11_0015 2015-08-11_0016 2015-08-11_0017 2015-08-11_0018 2015-08-11_0019 2015-08-11_0020

Also, Savannah, you’re gorgeous. You don’t look at ALL like you just had a baby!

2015-08-11_0021 2015-08-11_0022 2015-08-11_0023 2015-08-11_0024 2015-08-11_0025 2015-08-11_0026 2015-08-11_0027

Definitely one of my favorites. Nothing like a new mommy with her sweet wittle baby! 2015-08-11_0028 2015-08-11_0029

2015-08-13_0001 2015-08-11_0030 2015-08-11_0031 2015-08-11_0032 2015-08-11_0033 2015-08-11_0034 2015-08-11_0035 2015-08-11_0036 2015-08-11_0037 2015-08-11_0038 2015-08-11_0039 2015-08-11_0040 2015-08-11_0041 2015-08-11_0042 2015-08-11_0043 2015-08-11_0044 2015-08-11_0045

Savannah and Jordan, thank you for letting me spend some time with your family and meet your sweet guy! Enjoy these new days as a family of three!


Finley – One Year!

My best friend Chelsea just had a daughter turn ONE whole year old. HOW is that even possible? When did we get old enough to have girls turning ONE?! We were just in high school shopping for prom dresses, weren’t we? Even though time seems to be flying by, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ve talked about how becoming moms is even better than we could have ever imagined and watching our little girls grow up together is so worth getting older 😉 Finley is a little firecracker, her daddy’s mini-me, and full of spunk and joy just like her mama. Love this little girl! 2015-08-08_0001 2015-08-08_0002 2015-08-08_0003 2015-08-08_0004 2015-08-08_0005 2015-08-08_0006

This is my favorite picture and I might spend the rest of my life trying to get one of me and Adalynn just like it.

2015-08-08_0007 2015-08-08_0008 2015-08-08_0009 2015-08-08_0010 2015-08-08_0011 2015-08-08_0012 2015-08-08_0013 2015-08-08_0014 2015-08-08_0015 2015-08-08_0016 2015-08-08_0017 2015-08-08_0018 2015-08-08_0019 2015-08-08_0020 2015-08-08_0021 2015-08-08_0022 2015-08-08_0023 2015-08-08_0024 2015-08-08_0025 2015-08-08_0026

We love you Finley girl!

Hallie – Newborn

After (unintentionally) taking a break from blogging over the summer, I’m excited to say that I’m BACK! And what better way to say a big, bright, “hello again!” to the internet world than with a sweet newborn shoot? I met Hallie and her mom from a referral and we had the sweetest morning together. This baby girl was 4 weeks old when we took these pictures and usually that’s a little too old to get some sweet newborn shots, but she did great! I felt like Jenny (Hallie’s mom) and I could have chatted for hours and big brother Elijah was so excited to be a part of it all as well. These two are 18 months apart and I can see a sweet bond already forming. Jenny, thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your sweet babies!

Hallie wasn’t too sure about what to think in the beginning… but she started warming up after a few minutes!


IMG_2084 IMG_2087 IMG_2089 IMG_2099 IMG_2109 IMG_2125 IMG_2141 IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2151 IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2165 IMG_2180 IMG_2189 IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2200 IMG_2205 IMG_2208 IMG_2231 IMG_2252 IMG_2264 IMG_2266 IMG_2280 IMG_2119 IMG_2116

I love this last shot of her being like, “ARE YOU DONE YET?!” Newborn shoots are definitely more challenging than others because you can’t tell them what to do or where to look, but they are still some of my favorite, sweetest images. Totally worth it to document such a special time!

Kacy | Just Because

I love it when people want to document seasons of life “just because.” There doesn’t always have to be a reason or an occasion, but just a desire to capture a specific time of life. For this family, they wanted to capture Kacy’s 16th year. She has just completed her sophomore year in high school and will be moving on to her junior year next Fall. It was the first time I had met her and her mom, and it was definitely a pleasure to work with them both! Kacy, you’re a natural in front of the camera and I’m thankful you gave me the opportunity to capture your natural beauty! Enjoy every bit of your summer and 16th year—you’ll be taking your senior photos before you know it!

2015-05-31_0001 2015-05-31_0002 2015-05-31_0003 2015-05-31_0004 2015-05-31_0005 2015-05-31_0006 2015-05-31_0007 2015-05-31_0008 2015-05-31_0009 2015-05-31_0010 2015-05-31_0011 2015-05-31_0012 2015-05-31_0013 2015-05-31_0014 2015-05-31_0015 2015-05-31_0016 2015-05-31_0017

Allie & Andrew | Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to finally meet a girl that I’ve got several mutual friends with and have talked to numerous times through social media. It was a such a pleasure to get to spend some time with her and her fiancé as they prepare for their wedding in just a few short months! Allie and Andrew, I’m so excited for you to embark on one of the greatest adventures that is sure to challenge you but also bring you so much joy. You have so much to look forward to! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture such a sweet season in your lives!

2015-05-26_0001 2015-05-26_0002 2015-05-26_0003 2015-05-26_0004 2015-05-26_0005 2015-05-26_0006 2015-05-26_0007 2015-05-26_0008 2015-05-26_0009 2015-05-26_0010 2015-05-26_0011 2015-05-26_0012 2015-05-26_0013 2015-05-26_0014 2015-05-26_0015 2015-05-26_0016 2015-05-26_0017 2015-05-26_0018 2015-05-26_0019 2015-05-26_0020 2015-05-26_0021 2015-05-26_0022 2015-05-26_0023