Andee – Senior

I met Andee a few years ago when I taught her 10th grade Sunday School class. Now she is a senior about to graduate and I had the privilege to do her senior pictures! Andee, I’m so proud of who you’ve become and excited for you to see God’s plans for you unfold as you enter college! I’m pretty much obsessed with these pictures. Andee agreed to meet me at 7:30 on a Saturday morning just so we could get the best light. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I’m seriously having a hard time picking a favorite.

2015-04-13_0001 2015-04-13_0002 2015-04-13_0003 2015-04-13_0004 2015-04-13_0005 2015-04-13_0006

We decided to get artsy.

2015-04-13_0007 2015-04-13_0008 2015-04-13_0009 2015-04-13_0010 2015-04-13_0011 2015-04-13_0012 2015-04-13_0013 2015-04-13_0014 2015-04-13_0015

The light. Oh my word the LIGHT!

2015-04-13_0016 2015-04-13_0017 2015-04-13_0018 2015-04-13_0019 2015-04-13_0020 2015-04-13_0021 2015-04-13_0022 2015-04-13_0023 2015-04-13_0024 2015-04-13_0025 2015-04-13_0026 2015-04-13_0027 2015-04-13_0028 2015-04-13_0029 2015-04-13_0030 2015-04-13_0031 2015-04-13_0032

This MIGHT be my favorite…if I had to choose. Such natural beauty.

2015-04-13_0033 2015-04-13_0034

Andee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to document such a fun season of your life! Love ya girl!